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Missing Your Mistress

Goddess lives, breathes, and of course shits kink and BDSM 24/7. I am a professional full-time dominatrix that means I always have all kinds of devious, sensuous, secretive thoughts of men and how I can push their limits and make them worship me in any way I see fit

I've been a bad bad Mistress

So for that, I must apologize

Mistress has to do a better job of documenting her thoughts by doing more blogs and posting more on various platforms like Fetlife & Twitter, because I get sooo many inquiries from men all over the world who miss seeing Mistress, who want to see more of their Mistress...some of my supporters even got worried that Goddess stopped dominating weak submissive men due to lack of consistent content. I have over 15 drafts of blog entries I haven't even published.

During the month of May, I'll be blogging and vlogging more of my BDSM life for you to drool over

Mistress also needs to do a better job of posting more videos and photos consistently to keep you on edge... to keep your cock in your hand at all times and wanking & waiting in line to serve Goddess...

Look forward to me, flooding my Twitter feed and website soon with more content of me dominating submissive men and being the baddest bitch possible :)

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