• Zion


If you've been paying attention, like many of you fail to do,

I've made it easier for you pay pigs, whale subs, and human ATM finslaves to tribute your Mistress more discreetly. You're so pathetic you even need Mistress to read for you, because I've posted the change several times, but you heathens just keep $ending to the wrong cash tag. You need me to guide you in everyway. Because you as a man, are not quite astute enough to conduct yourself accordingly, you need to provide for my luxuries, so that you can keep me around. Your ultimate goal is to be owned by me, correct? On top of tributes, Mistress has many tasks that she will need a strong, hard working man for. Remember,

you're only good for one thing remember? And that's making sure Mistress is pleased at all times.

Thank Me for providing you a more discreet way to tribute by $ending to my new cash app by scanning the QR code provided below.

Cash tag $processedpayment

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