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Here Sissy Sissy

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

You deserve to be humiliated, laughed at and degraded. You know you're worthless piece of shit, no one wants you, that's why you're here. You're here to serve me. You're here to serve your beautiful golden goddess. Serve Mistress in every way that she sees fit....

Who knows, Mistress just may surprise you one day and blindfold you and have you on your knees sucking dick for me. You'd love that wouldn't you? You know you want a big black cock so thick in your mouth, that it can hardly fit! You want big juicy balls on the tip of your tongue as you gag on throbbing, hard cock. I'll push your head down on that big black juicy cock until you suffocate ON DICK!! YOU want to feel that hot jizz down your throat. You're a sissy. You're a faggot. You dress up in blonde wigs w/ pigtails and pink lipstick because your a bimbo slut. Be a good girl so you can get daddy's dick....That could be your reward for doing what I tell you to...

Do you know why you do what I tell you to do??? Because I'm your superior, remember? You need to be owned by someone like me. You will have to be properly trained as to what my preferences are. I'm nothing like your last Mistress. You always want to do what it takes to please Mistress, right?

You may also find yourself in a little bit of competition with my other sluts. As you can tell from my pictures and videos, Mistress already has plenty of sissies who fall at her mercy to serve. There's one sissy pictured below. See how beautiful she likes to get for Mistress AFTER she $ends. Make it worth my while slave. I don't have time to waste

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I know you want dick I know how badly you yearn for it I know just what you’ll do for it Keep obeying Mistress So she’ll want to stroke your little bussy & manhood away……