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Worship Your Nylon Foot Goddess

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I love taunting you with my nylon pantyhose. Just the mere thought of my beautiful nylon feet on your cock instantly send your dick over the edge. You'll do anything to have them. And you know what that means. I want your wallet. I want your wallet in exchange for my attentive tootsies. You want me to pay attention to you. You have to pay for that. You've been working all through quarantine, and you need a break. Let me take some of that pressure out of your pocket. I'm fully aware that digital money exchange has become most prevalent, especially during these times, but nothing beats cold, hard cash...your cold, hard cash..

I enjoy having attention paid to my feet. I keep them soft, cleaned and finely pedicured every two weeks. I cannot stand to let the polish crack or flake, so every 2 weeks, I have them professionally attended to. I do enjoy when others check out me feet. I love showing them off too. Guys always notice and stop me, just to compliment me on my beautiful feet. You need to take care of my monthly manicure and pedicure bill. I never get a manicure without getting a pedicure as well. Mistress is very particular about that.

I know how much you love to see me dressed in sexy hosiery. Mistress loves a good footrub! So if you want to stay on her good side, be a good loyal foot boy and massage Mistress' feet, and hand me a stack of money. I know how much of a turn on for you it would be if I were to wrap my feet around your stiff rod. You would love that wouldn't you slave? It'd drive you wild if you ever got the chance to kiss, lick, suck, & sniff my tickly toes.

Bow down to your Queen. Sniff my feet through sheer, sensational pantyhose. I have many, several different colors. I may even let you choose what color you like, and if I don't have the color of your preference, you'll electronically send me money to go buy them or order them online.

I want to mummifiy a loyal foot slave in nothing but an assortment of nylon pantyhose, while wearing a pair...teasing you.. footjobs in stockings can be sooo hot

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