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The Softer Side of Kink

I'm not always so hardcore w/my submissives. Mistress is assertive and aggressive yes, but I'm also caring and compassionate. I also spot bullshit very well, so don't push it. I'm bold, direct, and I don't do drama. GEMINI is my sun sign, so I can for sure be a moody Mistress. But as my moods change, there's one thing that remains for certain. I always strive to maintain a comfortable balance between your expectations of our time together and what Mistress sees fit for you. I like for my submissives to be vocal about your kink...but only when I'd like for them to be of course :)

I'm all about communication, just talk to your Mistress. Often times, most men find themselves not very comfortable talking to their girlfriends and wives about their own fantasies for fear of embarrassment or being shunned away. Feel free and comfortable to reveal your deepest desires and fetishes, things you've never shared w/ anyone else ever before. It brings me great pleasure in knowing I own you in this way, no even your significant other does. It brings you great pleasure to have an outlet where you can really let loose and be a different version of yourself. Judgement free zone.

To me, BDSM is about connecting through a higher energy of kink whether that is through using words as communication or via the art of touch. My main goal is for you to feel satisfied and bring you to new levels of kink, exploring the un-imaginable and the unknown. Your main goal is to make sure your Mistress is pleased and taken care of in every way. That's the true meaning of serving somone like me. A true power exchange indeed...

So if you're a newbie, or simply enjoy light kink play w/BDSM, Mistress also enjoys more delicate sessions such as tie & tease massage (Bondassage or dommassage) erotic hypnosis, light prostate play and anything in between our two minds mesh and conjure up :)

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