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Nipple Play: Tease or Torment?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

There's nothing quite like the sensation experienced during nipple stimulation, it easily increases sensitivity surrounded by your sensory cortex. Whether you crave intense euphoria from nipple stimulation, or want to be tortured, nipple play is on of the many fetishes I cater to. Typically, like with all fetishes, I start off slowly, gradually increasing pressure/intensity, delivering an intense high. Nipple clamps really drive my beta sub cuck over the edge, until he just can't take anymore! I literally have to strap him down...but deep down, he loves it and wants more. But it doesn't matter how much more he wants, because he's just a cuckold loser and will never be able to fuck me forreal. But he does he get the pleasure of serving his Mistress with his wallet. That's a good little fincuck...

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